Sunset Devices

Chromebooks that were once deployed to students or in carts are eventually collected and re-purposed as "sunset devices" in elementary school and middle school classrooms.

A sticker like that shown at right is affixed to the bottom of such devices.  The librarian at each school will have the sunset devices supplied to the site inventoried in Follett, checking out one to each regular classroom teacher and keeping a reserve of spares.

If a sunset device malfunctions:
  1. Many issues can be resolved by simply rebooting the device.

    • Try soft rebooting the Chromebook by holding down the refresh key while you press the power button.+

    • If that doesn’t work, try hard rebooting the Chromebook by pressing and holding the power button until it shuts down. Wait a bit and boot it up fresh.

  2. If step 1 did not help, consult with your site’s Instructional Technology Assistant or a site technology troubleshooter to see if they can help resolve the issue.
  3. If neither steps 1 or 2 help, take the Chromebook to the site librarian, who will check-in the malfunctioning device via Follett and check-out a replacement sunset device to the teacher via Follett IF one is available.
  4. The librarian will file a Bruin Help Desk ticket for a technician to examine a malfunctioning sunset device.
    • If a malfunctioning sunset Chromebook has obvious hardware damage, or if a Powerwash by a district technician does not get it working again, the librarian should remove it from the site's Follett inventory and the technicians will take it away for disposal as surplus equipment.

Elementary Librarians: This process is an entry in the Elementary STUDENT Chromebook Procedures manual.

Middle School Librarians: See the Middle School STUDENT Chromebook Procedures manual.
Sunset Sticker