Help with Clever (BPSCLEVER.ORG)

Clever is a single-sign-on and rostering service that makes it easier for students to access various district services and provides rostering data from PowerSchool for those services.

Students or teachers can visit or or use a link to Clever in the horizontal navigation at the district websites to login.


Teachers should use their usual district PowerSchool username. Their initial passwords are their employee ID numbers, which are shown on their badges. Once they login, they will be prompted to reset the password to one they prefer.

They can access the available linked services by clicking the appropriate icons, and the services should have their class rosters. The rosters are updated from PowerSchool approximately every two hours. You can log out of Clever by clicking your name at the upper right and choosing Log out.

If a login screen is shown for a service we have set up with Clever, instead of entering a username and password, look for Login with Clever or a similar link.

As of September 2018 Clever logins did not work with Android apps.

See the Clever Single-Sign-On and Rostering for Teachers guide for information on:
  • Adding a co-teacher
  • Access after end-of-term
  • How Clever data is NOT reliable from July through mid-August
    • Everything in Clever in July until teachers report back for work in mid-August may be placeholder data subject to change; please do NOT contact administrators or counselors about what you see in Clever until you report for pre-service days in mid-August


Students should use their usual district username (not their full email address) and their usual district password to login to Clever.

They will then be presented with any linked services available to them at their school and/or grade level. They also simply press the icon for the service they wish to access. Students will often be instantly logged into the service they selected. If they are presented with a login for the service, instead of entering their usernames and passwords again, they should look for a Login with Clever or similar link and use it for quick access.

If a student cannot login to Clever, shoot an email with the student's name to Granger Meador at the ESC. Meanwhile, get them in with a backup code as shown below.

How do I generate a Login Backup Code for a student who can't login to Clever?

METHOD ONE: From your Clever Portal...
  1. Log into your Clever Portal and click Help a Student.
  2. Choose the student you wish to 
    help from the dropdown menu. 
  3. You will see a six-digit backup code. Write this code down and pass it along securely to your student. The code will expire in 20 minutes.
METHOD TWO: From the "Classes" tab...
  1. Log into the Clever Portal, and click the Classes tab next to your name.
  2. Select which class/section your student is enrolled in.
  3. Navigate to the Students rostered to this class section (you can sort the names alphabetically by first name or last name).
  4. Select your student.
  5. Under Get Backup Login Code, you will receive these instructions: 
How does a student log in using a Backup Code? 
  1. The student will go to your district's Clever Portal login page and click Get help signing in! under the password field.
  2. The student will then click Log in with a Backup Code.
  3. The student will then enter the Backup Code on the next screen, and click Log in. This will log them into their Clever account.