District/Site Technology Contacts

Technology Troubleshooting 

For help with technology problems at your site, first check the online help pages.

If you still need help, please contact a site-based troubleshooter listed below. They can mend some problems quickly and will submit a Bruin Help Desk request for help from Technology Services when that is required. If there is no one available at your site, contact Amy Sheley at the ESC Front Desk.

Staff should communicate to the site troubleshooter:
    1. a clear explanation of the issue, 
    2. any specific error messages,
    3. which device had trouble (for computers, provide the computer name; see box below)
    4. the room number, 
    5. the phone extension, 
    6. and, if a problem would require in-person help from a technician, the time of day the staff member is usually available
Please do NOT contact Technology Services Personnel or the district administrators directly, as that will interfere with the prompt scheduling and effective tracking of service for your issue.

Help Desk
  • When a problem is reported, first see if someone at the site can address it. Many simple problems can be handled by someone on site who is experienced. If a problem cannot be solved by site personnel, then file a Help Desk ticket, and be sure to include all of the above information.
  • Some software issues can be handled quickly and remotely if the machine is left on and the technicians know the Computer Name. So site troubleshooters need to look up the name of a computer that is having issues.
    • Windows 10 Computer Names: Type pc name in the search bar at the lower left next to the start button. Select View your PC name in the search results and find the "Device name".
    • Windows 7 Computer Names: Click START, RIGHT-click on Computer in the right-hand pane, and select Properties on the drop-down menu. Note the "Computer name" shown on the screen and include that in the appropriate Help Desk ticket field.
  • When a ticket is filed, keep the person who reported the issue informed by forwarding the ticket system emails to them. An initial acknowledgment is emailed and, whenever the problem is worked on or resolved, another email is generated. These go to the person who filed the ticket. PLEASE relay those to the person who reported the problem. That way folks know when a problem has been reported and know what work has been done or, when there is a delay, what is going on.

Instructional Technology Help

Each site has an Instructional Technology Assistant who receives a stipend to offer regular technology training at their site to help staff integrate the use of technology into the curricula. 

 Site   Instruction Technology Assistant 
 Hoover Ashleigh Callahan 
 Jane Phillips Jessica Birk 
 Ranch Heights Shannon Kraft 
 Richard Kane Lindsey Denison 
 Wayside Kathy Hixon 
 Woodrow Wilson Kim Takahashi

Zack Michel
Zack Michel
is the Secondary Technology Integration Specialist who helps train middle school and high school teachers on the use of technology in the curricula and coordinates the three secondary Instructional Technology Assistants.

Kelli Bryant
Kelli Bryant is the Teacher Specialist for Student Accountability, Assessments, and Instructional Technology at the ESC. She coordinates the six elementary Instructional Technology Assistants.

Curricular Support

For help with using technology and integrating it with specific curricula, please contact your elementary grade level coordinator or secondary departmental chair or building coordinator. Middle school and high school teachers can also consult Zack Michel, the Secondary Technology Integration Specialist.