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Gmail enhancements in Spring 2019

posted Apr 4, 2019, 1:19 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 5, 2019, 9:23 AM ]
Here are some enhancements available for your district Gmail account. They address various issues staff members have identified.

These enhancements have been added to the appropriate sections of the district's Using Gmail manual.

Send from Gmail extension

Installing this extension in your Google Chrome browser will make Gmail your default email application when using Chrome and provides a button in Chrome to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link or the current URL via email.

This extension will open a Compose window in Gmail when you click any email address on a webpage. It also provides a button in the extension icons to the right of the address bar that will create a Gmail message when clicked, using the page title as the subject and selected page text and link address (or the address of the current webpage if nothing is selected) as the message. 

Gmail Reverse Conversation extension

Some people like Gmail's Conversation view, where it groups related messages, but dislike its default order of displaying the messages from oldest to newest. The Gmail reverse conversation extension can reverse that order in a desktop browser so that new messages are at the top.
Gmail reverse conversation extension

Scheduled Send (available in late April) 

This feature should be enabled in our domain sometime after April 15.

Once this feature debuts, you will be able to schedule an email you compose to be sent at a later date and time. This will help respect co-workers' normal working hours, disguise when you have a late-night brainstorm, etc.

The feature will let you choose from suggested send times, such as "Tomorrow morning" at 8 a.m. or "Tomorrow afternoon" at 2 p.m. Or you can schedule a specific date and time. 
To use the feature once it becomes available, click the ▼next to the blue Send button to get a "Schedule send" pop-up box with various default options and one to pick a date & time.
Scheduled send

You will also see a new Scheduled folder/label in the left-side navigation which will hold the queued emails to be sent. Please note that the new folder/label could appear in our systems before the feature actually is enabled.
Scheduled folder

Snoozing messages

A year ago Gmail added the ability to "snooze" messages. You can click on the  icon when you hover a message's entry in your Inbox to have the message temporarily removed from your Inbox and choose a day/time for it to reappear.