iPad updates

posted Jun 2, 2018, 3:48 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Jun 2, 2018, 3:49 AM ]

Site Principals, Librarians, and Instructional Technology Assistants:



Technology Services needs to install updated management software on all iPads at your site EXCEPT for:

  • the 30 iPads in the PLTW Launch cart at each elementary school
  • older iPads with the wide 30-pin connector instead of the modern and narrow Lightning connector

Please gather together such iPads in a central location, such as your school library, grouped together by class or cart, with accompanying labels to readily identify them. That will allow the technicians to come to each site beginning in mid-July to install the management software and ensure the iPads are properly named with the correct location in the management software.




Older iPads with 30-pin connectors will no longer be supported by the district, as they cannot be updated to modern operating systems or management tools. We will not expend any district funds on such devices nor be able to honor Help Desk tickets regarding them. Thus their fate is as follows:

  • 30-pin devices that will no longer be used should also be gathered, with their chargers, in the central location, such as the library. They should be labeled as SURPLUS. Those will be gathered together districtwide and sold off per board policy.
  • 30-pin devices that staff members elect to continue to try to use will NOT be supported. Unless we determine there are security concerns from them, they may remain in use as "sunset" devices with the understanding we will NOT address any issues encountered with them. But whenever their usage comes to an end, or if they are determined to be a security problem, they must be supplied to Technology Services as SURPLUS to be sold off per board policy.


Once the supported iPads are updated, while paid apps will still need to be set up with quotes and POs done through Technology Services, new free apps will need to be installed differently than in the past:

  1. The person seeking to install a new free app will first need to use a single login to Apple School Manager (ASM) which will be provided for each site.
  2. After logging into the ASM, they will go to its Apps area, locate the free app needing to be installed, and "purchase" it, even though it is really free. That will tie the free app to the site's account.
  3. Then they can use the Lightspeed Mobile Device Manager to assign the free app to particular iPads at the site.

In August, Technology Services will offer training on the updated management of iPads for the folks at each site who will oversee iPads.