Lightspeed Relay Classroom

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Lightspeed Relay Classroom lets teachers monitor take-home student Chromebook usage in the classroom, direct students to websites, and control internet access.

We are still working to get Lightspeed Relay Classroom synced up for 2019-2020 across all grades; expect an email when it is up and working.

Soon all teachers can login with their district Google email address and password at

District Manual:

If you see weird class numbers for BHS classes, please use this table:

PowerSchool Internal Classroom Course Code - BHS class period
  • 1(A) - 1st period

  • 2(A) - 2nd period

  • 3(A) - 3rd period

  • 4F(A) - 4th period for freshmen

  • 4JS(A) - 4th period for juniors and seniors

  • 4S(A) - 4th period for sophomores

  • 5(A) - 5th period

  • 6(A) - 6th period

  • 7(A) - 7th period

  • ? - Night school