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Lightspeed Relay Classroom

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Lightspeed Relay Classroom lets teachers monitor take-home student Chromebook usage in the classroom, direct students to websites, and control internet access.

Lightspeed Relay Classroom should now be syncing for all teachers.

Soon all teachers can login with their district Google email address and password at


NOTE: We receive many sharing requests for the manual from folks in other districts which block access to Google Docs outside their domain. If you can't view the manual, try this alternate page.

If you see weird class numbers for BHS classes, please use this table:

PowerSchool Internal Classroom Course Code - BHS class period
  • 1(A) - 1st period

  • 2(A) - 2nd period

  • 3(A) - 3rd period

  • 4F(A) - 4th period for freshmen

  • 4JS(A) - 4th period for juniors and seniors

  • 4S(A) - 4th period for sophomores

  • 5(A) - 5th period

  • 6(A) - 6th period

  • 7(A) - 7th period

  • ? - Night school