Syncing Files at Work and Home

You have several options for synchronizing your files between work and home.

Google Drive
Google Drive

The district's Google Apps for Education provides unlimited storage on Google Drive for your use.
Once you have a Windows 10 computer at school (elementary sites will be updated in summer 2019), you should install and use Google's Drive File Stream at work and at home for easy syncing:

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft's OneDrive works well with the free Office 365 service for district employees. It lets you easily keep files in the cloud and download them as needed, but can also be installed on your home and district computers to provide a local folder on each one that is kept in sync.

USB Drive
USB Drives

An old-fashioned way to have files at work and home and backup them up is to copy them onto a USB thumb drive. But you have to remember to copy the files back and forth between the thumb drive and the computers, or rely only on the drive and hope you don't lose it or damage it. You are better off using a cloud service, such as the free Microsoft OneDrive service that comes with your district Office 365 account, for file synchronization and backup.