Google Chrome Browser

The best web browser for the district's G Suite for Education is Google Chrome.
Getting Flash to run
Flash is still used for some website videos and animations. Use this trick to get Chrome to run Flash on a site as needed until all support for Flash is terminated in 2020.

Fixing its Adobe Fillable Forms Issue
Chrome now tries to display PDF files within the browser, but that sometimes can make Adobe Fillable Forms unreliable or not function at all.

You can try to address this by typing chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments 
in the Chrome browser and turning ON "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome".

Login with your district account into the Google Chrome web browser itself and you'll get a "BPSD" set of bookmarks with links to various services and a spreadsheet of phone extensions.
The following handouts are by Ashleigh Callahan, technology trainer at Hoover Elementary School (accessible to staff members logged into their district Google accounts):
Google Chrome

To increase time on task and reduce academic misconduct, the district restricts which apps and extensions students can install on Chromebooks.