PowerSchool 12 Upgrade

On July 9, 2018 PowerSchool and PowerTeacher were upgraded from version 10 to version 12.

The upgrade to PowerSchool 12 adds a few features missing in the version 10 of PowerTeacher Pro accessed in the May and June trainings, including:
  • Preferred Class Name
  • Standards and Full Student Schedule report options 
  • Import scores 
  • Copy Traditional Grade Calculations 
  • Copy Assignments from old PowerTeacher Gradebook 
  • Comment Bank usability improvements 
  • Formatting bar for class, assignment, and category descriptions 
  • Section Readiness report 
  • Metrics on Category Totals screen 
  • Teacher's Comment Bank
  • Copy and Paste Grade/Score Columns
The PowerSchool Mobile App gained these features:
  • Updated user interface
  • Data widgets
  • Classes
  • Calendar with assignments
  • Account management, and more
The PowerSchool Administrator Portal gained these features:
  • Student Search – Summer School Enrollments 
  • Student Search – Remote Enrollments 
  • Summer School – End of Summer School Process 
  • Summer School – Previous Year / Next Year
  • Summer School - View Summer School Grades During Summer School Session 
  • Mass Enroll Remote and Summer School Enrollments 
  • State/Provincial Help link 
  • Incident Management – Save changes warning
  • Non-Binary Gender Usage
The PowerSchool 11 Release Notes and PowerSchool 12 Release Notes have details on these enhancements.