If you cannot see the computer screen on your projector:

The usual quick fix is to strike WINDOWS-P on the keyboard and select DUPLICATE from the on-screen menu.

Duplicate Display
If WINDOWS-P is already set to DUPLICATE and you don't see your monitor image, next check the projector settings with your projector's infrared remote control. Look for COMPUTER or RGB buttons on the remote control to tell the projector to use the VGA input (the wall port with many holes for cable pins which is hooked to one branch of the VGA Y-cable coming out of the back of the computer) and the mini-audio input (the small black round wall port which is hooked to the green audio port on the back of the computer) . The "Video" input on the projector is what is used for DVD players and old VCRs which are hooked up to the larger round yellow, red, and white wall ports.

Finally, check that the appropriate cables from the computer, both VGA video and audio, are plugged into the proper ports on the wall. See these instructions.

Extended Desktop

OPTIONALLY, you can pick EXTEND to extend your monitor's Windows desktop onto the projector; you can then drag windows off the right edge of the monitor screen and they will scroll onto the projector screen, you move your mouse pointer off the right edge of the monitor screen to move it onto the projector screen, and move left off the projector screen to return to your monitor screen. This is handy if you want to show students one window while working on your desktop in another window, such as showing a video on the projector while you work on your computer.

Expired Projector Bulb

If the lamp in your projector has burned out or you are getting warnings that it will fail, contact your site TroubleTrakker coordinator. Since replacement lamp units are very expensive, district policy is to run the lamps until they fail. Newer projectors in the district don't use replaceable Xenon lamps, but instead use LED light sources that do not require regular replacement. If one fails, the entire projector is replaced.

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