New Employee Portal

posted Mar 9, 2017, 3:35 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 22, 2019, 6:56 AM ]

New portal
The district has used paperless payroll for some time, with employees accessing their paystubs online. The same electronic "portal" with that information also provides the employee's leave records, professional development points, etc.

NEW EMPLOYEE PORTAL debuted in March 2017. Paystubs from 7/2016 onward are visible in the new portal. The new portal should also have employees' current leave balances, professional development points, etc. If you need a paystub prior to 7/2016, please contact the appropriate payroll coordinator shown in this post.

Instead, a unique username and password are used to access the portal. Employees were sent the new link, username, and password via board mail in mid-March 2017. After you login to the new portal, you can click "Options" at the upper right to change your password.

At the time of the first payroll, Payroll Supervisor Angie Niko will send out the passwords to the sites which are generated by the system. Existing staff who already changed their password will NOT receive a form. The passwords will come directly to the sites, probably at the same time as the initial paper check stubs, but in a separate envelope.
If you encounter issues with the new portal, please contact the appropriate payroll coordinator:

Michelle MalaskeMs. Michelle Malaske
Certified & Non-Contracted Pay, Benefits, Leave; Certified Contracts
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3519
Ms. LaDonna Viles
Ms. LaDonna Viles
Classified Pay, Benefits, Contracts, Leave
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3518