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New phone system

posted Nov 17, 2018, 5:20 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Nov 17, 2018, 5:22 AM ]

New Phone System to Go Live on Monday, 11/26

Over Thanksgiving Break the district's Technology Services department will be working with Tel-Star Communications to finish the configuration of the new phone system. The planned "go live" date when the old phones should stop working and you should begin using the new handsets is Monday, November 26, 2018.

Fallback Plan & Checking In Old Handsets

Please keep both the new and old handsets until the new system is actually live and working. If all goes well and your new phone is working properly on Monday, 11/26 for both in-district and outside calls, please disconnect the old phone cord from its wall plug, wrap it around the old handset, and take the handset to the library at each school site (or the receptionist at operations sites) to be checked in against a listing of extensions. Tel-Star bought back all of the old handsets as part of their contract.

Using Your New Phone

A detailed manual and instructional videos of various lengths about the new phones have been posted via the Telephones link at BPSDTECH.ORG

By Monday, 11/26 your new phone should already be in place and connected. If it is NOT connected, see the Cords and cables section of the new manual for assistance or the online video. If you have an extension number yet still don't have a new phone by 11/26, inform your site's lead secretary.


Faxing is an obsolete technology, so we strongly encourage you to shift to using email instead whenever possible. If you simply must send a fax, please use the new online fax server instead of the old fax machines, since using them will be tying up old-style phone lines intended only for emergency use. Incoming faxes will arrive as email attachments to designated folks at each site, who will be responsible for forwarding those fax emails to the intended recipients. See the Fax server section of the new manual for details on sending or receiving facsimiles.


If you encounter difficulties with the new system, please first check out the manual and instructional videos at the Telephones link at BPSDTECH.ORG. Site secretaries will be a good resource, and they can help get answers and assistance from Tel-Star and Technology Services folks who will be available as the new system deploys. After the initial deployment, assistance can be obtained via the usual Technology Help Desk procedure.