Telephone and fax updates

posted Aug 6, 2019, 12:56 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Aug 23, 2019, 2:09 AM ]

Ban the fax
Avoid sending and receiving faxes

Faxing is an obsolete technology with security flaws. We strongly encourage you to instead use email attachments whenever possible.

If you must send or receive a fax, please be aware of the following updates for the district's fax server.

Fax server access update

Access at each site to the fax server will soon be updated to enhance security. Site administrators and secretaries will receive an email from Granger Meador with updated fax server access instructions. 

Delete old faxes from the server

The district's policy is to delete faxes from the server once the transmission/receipt process is complete. 
  • Secretaries who manage site fax servers should delete received faxes once they have have been forwarded to their intended recipients. 
  • Anyone sending a fax should delete it from the fax server once it is successfully transmitted. 
Instructions on deleting faxes are in the district's online telephone manual.

Recording calls

Recording telephone conversations

The ability to record conversations has been added to the district's telephone system. While you are not legally bound to notify the other party if they are in Oklahoma or a neighboring state, if you are recording a call with a party from an all-party consent state then you must receive their consent to legally record the call. It is always best to notify the other parties that you are recording the call.
  • Dial *1 to record a conversation; one beep will be heard. 
  • Pressing *1 again will stop the recording; two beeps will be heard.
You should use this feature sparingly since, unlike Voice Mails, you will NOT receive an email of a recording made using your extension nor will you be able to retrieve it from your phone handset. Instead, retrieval of a recording requires that a Bruin Help Desk ticket be filed with Technology Services, and such recordings would be difficult to identify and retrieve for Open Records Act requests.

BPSDTECH.ORG has a Contact page that shows the staff at each site who can file Help Desk tickets for you. You will need to send that person an email from your district staff account requesting that he or she file a Bruin Help Desk ticket for Phone > Retrieve Recording. Include in your email request the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your phone extension number
  • The date of the recording to be retrieved
  • The approximate time of the recording
  • Your site and room number
Bear in mind that you must always follow FERPA guidelines to protect the privacy of student information. Only forward a recording to someone with the legal right to any protected information and whom you trust to understand and abide by FERPA privacy law.