Wacom Tablets

Wacom (pronounced wah-come) digitizer tablets are used to provide tablet-based stylus input to the district's desktop computers. More advanced models, such as the Intuos Pro, also support multi-touch. 

Promethean Board users: As of September 2017 Wacom tablets were NOT compatible with some versions of ActivInspire beyond version 2.4, but reportedly DID work with ActivInspire 2.11.

Intuos Draw
Intuos Draw CTL-490

The small size of the Intuos Draw digitizer tablet is in use in some of our schools. It is a featured reward for the top Black Belt in the district's 9-12 Kung Fu Canvas training.

The basic unit has to be tethered to the desktop computer with a USB cable, but we installed the optional Wireless Accessory Kit, which adds a battery, radio module, and USB dongle for wireless use.

Here is our district's online manual on installing and using the tablet in your classroom:

Intuos Pro
Intuos Pro

The high school art department has a few Intuos Pro digitizers.  These have more pressure levels than the Draw tablets and have built-in wireless capability.
Although written for the less capable Intuos Draw CTL-490, the district's manual has lots of information on using a Wacom tablet with various programs. See pages 6 and beyond: