Help with Google Sites

For NEW websites, use the NEW Google Sites!
The New Google Sites service is drag-and-drop and easier to learn and use than Classic Google Sites. Plus, Google has indicated they will eventually terminate Classic Google Sites.

Classic Google Sites
The older Classic Google Sites is still supported for now and offers greater customization than the new sites as well as announcement pages, lists, and other useful features. But if you already have a classic Google Site, eventually Google will force you to convert it into a new Google Site, which may require that you rework some of your site features.

Creating a Teacher Website in Classic Google Sites 
by Katie VanZant
Google Webmaster Tools
School Site Webmasters:

These help pages will help you update and maintain your Classic Google Site. Site webmasters with questions should email me. I've made this a public page so you can share it with teachers or students who are creating their own Classic Google Sites, but please tell them to direct support questions to you first, as my jobs in the district keep me very busy.  Thanks!  :^)

-Granger Meador, District Webmaster