Attaching files

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There are three main ways you can use files (such as PDF files) on the website:

File Cabinet pages

If you need a bunch of files on a particular page, you can set up that page to be a File Cabinet and then just add files to it. They can then be organized in the File Cabinet area at the bottom of the page, while the top part of the page looks like any other webpage.
  • To create a new File Cabinet page, follow the instructions on this page
  • To convert an existing webpage into a File Cabinet:
    • Display the page in question in Google Sites, but do NOT edit it using the pencil icon.
    • Click the Gear icon for page settings.
    • On the dialog box near the bottom will be "Currently using page template Web Page (Change)" or some other page type. Click the (Change) link and select "File Cabinet" from the drop-down menu of page types. Then click SAVE and the page is now a File Cabinet.

Page attachments

An easy way to add just a file or two to a webpage is to add them as attachments to the page. 

If the page in question is set to allow attachments, while you are logged into Google Sites and displaying the page in view mode OR edit mode, scroll to the bottom and click on the link that says “Add files” to add the file in question. The file will then appear below the page as a file attachment.

(If you DON’T see “Add files” at the bottom of the page while logged into Google Sites, the page has had allowing attachments turned off. You can turn that back on by displaying the page in Google Sites and instead of clicking the pencil icon to edit it, click the Gear icon for page settings. Pick “Page Settings” from the menu and then click to put a checkmark in the box beside “Allow attachments” and click SAVE.)

After you successfully attach a file to a page, it is often wise to create a text link to that attachment up within the page itself:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and RIGHT-click on the name of the attachment.
  2. Select “Copy link address” in the pop-up menu to copy the location of that attachment into the Windows clipboard.
  3. Next go into edit mode using the pencil icon if you are not already in that mode.
  4. Type into the page the text you want to use for the link. 
  5. Highlight the text and click the link icon (the chain). 
  6. In the dialog box select “Web address”
  7. Then click in the empty box for “Link to this URL:” 
  8. While the cursor is sitting in that box, hit CTRL-V to paste the link into the box. 
  9. Then click OK.
  10. Then save the page.
  11. Verify that clicking on the new link does indeed display the file attachment.

Google Drive links

Another way to easily link to a file is to upload it to the Google Drive folder for your website and then use the Insert menu in the page editor to add a link to that folder or individual file.