Events Calendar

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For years, almost all district sites have had someone entering events into an online calendar system from CalendarWiz.

Each site website's homepage has an embedded Upcoming Events box that draws from the appropriate CalendarWiz calendar. The district webmaster controls those embedded events boxes, so contact that person if you want the number of events being displayed changed. The current default is to show up to six upcoming events within the next 30 days. If there are no events on the calendar in the next 30 days, the box will display "Sorry, no events to display at this time." 

At the bottom of that box is a "Show more events..." line which, when clicked, will load the entire online calendar for the site in question.

NOTE: Getting this function to work required an advanced workaround. See the Behind-the-scenes workarounds page for details.

Optional event descriptions and images

Currently the only information sites are putting into CalendarWiz is the title, day, time, and location of an event. CalendarWiz also support Event Descriptions. If someone at the site does enter an event description or an image on the CalendarWiz Edit Event page's Description & Images tab, the homepage Upcoming Events box will show the first 200 characters of that description. That box is currently NOT set to display images, but a thumbnail of an image can be displayed if a site wants to use that feature; let the district webmaster know.

Calendars Page

There is a Calendars link on the homepage of each website. Usually that will display the full-month view of that site's online CalendarWiz calendar, with a link above that to display the District Academic Year Calendar.

Central Middle School, however, has its own monthly calendar it has been creating, separate from the CalendarWiz calendar. So its Calendars webpage is set up as a File Cabinet for those monthly calendar files, and has links to the full monthly CalendarWiz calendar and has another copy of the Upcoming Events box for the CalendarWiz calendar.