YouTube videos

  • On a district Chromebook or networked desktop computer, students can only view whitelisted YouTube videos.
The district has implemented YouTube Smart Play in its Lightspeed web filter. This allows whitelisted educational YouTube videos to be played by students on a district lab computer and the district's Chromebooks.

To ensure this works as intended, teachers must plan ahead and submit in advance any YouTube videos or channels they wish to have "whitelisted" for student viewing.

First you will need to check if the video/channel is already whitelisted:

A. Copy the video or channel URL to your clipboard
  1. In another tab of your web browser, open the video or channel you wish to check on.
  2. Click in the address bar of that tab to highlight the video URL and press CTRL+C to copy it to your clipboard. 
    • Please do NOT submit a YouTube sharing shortcut like as those are always blocked. Instead, follow step 2 as instructed to obtain a URL like for a video or like for a channel.
B. Check to see if Lightspeed has already whitelisted it:
  1. Open the Lightspeed Database Lookup.
  2. With the cursor in the Domain box, press CTRL+V to past the video or channel URL there.
  3. Hit the Search button.
  4. The next screen will say Submit YouTube URL. 
    1. If the Category: says education.videos then the video is already whitelisted for student viewing by Lightspeed and you do NOT need to submit it for whitelisting.
    2. If the Category: says something else, such as Unknown, it is blocked for students. You can enter your email address and a reason to request it be whitelisted, but for faster local whitelisting, proceed to section C below.
C. If a YouTube* video or channel is not in the education.videos category, then paste the URL for the video or channel, along with your name, into an email to a person at your site who can file a Help Desk ticket for whitelisting.
  • Please do NOT submit a YouTube sharing shortcut like as those are always blocked. Instead, follow the instructions in Part A step 2 above to obtain a URL like for a video or like for a channel.
*Smart Play whitelisting can only be done for YouTube videos and channels, not those on Vimeo or other services.
Smart Play

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can any district Chromebooks use YouTube Smart Play?
All of the district's student Chromebooks should have the Lightspeed Relay extension installed to support YouTube Smart Play.

Can I have a class watch a YouTube video on their Chromebooks?
Not all at once; the bandwith needed for that is so large they will likely get playback errors. Even if it worked, you would be wasting bandwidth needed for other classes. To show a video to a class, just show it on your teacher station and use your classroom projector/wall monitor.

Can I upload my own videos for students to watch?
Yes, but be careful about copyright restrictions and set any videos featuring students to UNLISTED status. If you plan to upload a bunch of videos, setup your own YouTube Channel and have your site submit a Help Desk ticket to have that channel whitelisted so that all videos you upload to it will be unblocked.

Simply adding videos on YouTube created by others in a playlist on your own whitelisted channel does NOT allow them to be viewed by students. Only videos you upload yourself to your channel will be viewable.
What YouTube channels does the district already have?
If you are wanting to whitelist a video for EdPuzzle, please do not send in the EdPuzzle URL. The EdPuzzle domain has already been unblocked. You will need to submit the URL for the YouTube video being used by EdPuzzle to your site Help Desk ticket writer. All of the submitted URLs should begin with 

What about blocked websites?
YouTube Smart Play has NO effect on other blocked websites or videos from Vimeo, etc. There are two ways for a teacher to have an appropriate website unblocked for students:
  • If the filter triggers and provides a screen explaining the block and shows a Submit for Review button, use it! That request goes directly to our Technology Services department, not Lightspeed.
  • If the site is blocked, but you only see a This site can't be reached screen or you see the filter screen but no Submit for Review button, copy the web address and paste it into an email to your site Help Desk ticket writer. Provide some explanation of what you were trying to access and they can work with the principal and submit a Help Desk ticket for review by Tech Services if they agree it appears the site should not be blocked.