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Quantitative TLE Measures

Beginning in 2016-2017, ALL certified staff will receive a quantitative TLE rating which is separate from the qualitative rating. In 2017-2018, both of the ratings will be used for employment purposes.

Value-Added Model

The state is already generating quantitative ratings, but only for the 20-25% of teachers who have 10 or more eligible students with appropriate prior-year state testing data in the following subjects:
  • Reading and/or math in grades 4-8
  • Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • English III
The state-determined Value-Added Model (VAM) compares the growth a teacher's students show on state testing to similar types of students statewide, taking into account how much of a student's instruction a teacher was assigned in the annual Roster Verification process.

VAM ratings were produced for each teacher using 2013-2014 testing data and released to districts in March 2015. Our district will distribute that data to teachers later in 2015-2016.

VAM ratings will be produced each March using the testing data from the prior school year. Each district has the option of making the VAM results between 50% and 100% of the quantitative ratings for its teachers. If it is less than 100%, the remainder of the quantitative rating comes from other state-approved measures (see Non-Tested Grades & Subjects on this webpage).

Roster Verification

Teachers of the above subjects MUST complete Roster Verification each May, using the state's Single-Sign-On Portal:

Value-Added Model

Non-Tested Grades & Subjects

While the state is already producing Value-Added Model quantitative ratings for 20-25% of teachers, it has struggled with quantitative measures for the remaining 75-80% of teachers whose students do not have appropriate state testing data for the Value-Added Model.

The state wasted staff members' time and goodwill with two years of overly complex and flawed quantitative measures: Other Academic Measures (OAM) in 2013-14 and 2014-15, and Student Learning Objectives and Student Outcome Objectives (SLO/SOO) in 2014-15. The State Board of Education finally postponed the use of these measures in late February 2015, and in June 2015 the Governor signed Senate Bill 706, which eliminated those measures.

The same new law required the state TLE Commission to start over by recommending to the State Board of Education a list of "multiple reliable, research-based" quantitative measures. In January 2016 the State Board adopted the following measures:
  • Teacher Portfolios
  • OSDE-Approved Diagnostic Tools 
  • District-Approved Benchmark Assessments
  • Nationwide Student Surveys
Current law requires districts to begin at least one of those measures, along with Value Added Measures on state tests, in 2016-2017 to generate separate quantitative ratings. Those ratings CANNOT be used for employment purposes in 2016-2017, but both quantitative and qualitative TLE ratings MUST begin counting for employment purposes in 2017-2018.

Multiple bills have been filed for the 2016 legislative session to yet again amend TLE. So districts have been advised by the OSDE to "wait and see" before preparing to implement any of the approved quantitative measures.
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