Kane Elementary School 
Art Lesson Plans
These are some of the lessons we will do in my art class.  I will add to this list throughout the year.  Hope you can use some of these in your own classes.  

Steven Graham

Name Design (Done on our Portfolio)  We do this every year on our portfolios.  

Greek Vase (Olympic Figure)  This is a good project to do every four years at the time of the Olympic Games.  

Figure Drawing from a Stick Figure (Using Proportion)  I can use this lesson any time we need review on drawing the human figure from our imagination.  We also do some figure drawing from life with most the the students at some time during the year.

Greek Temple  This is a good lesson as an extension of the ancient Greek unit.  

Pig Will Book  The little kids love the Pig Will Book.

Pig Will Coloring Sheet

Shoe Drawing
 This a great lesson for observational drawing with any age level. 

Shoe Drawing (Giant Shoe Fantasy Landscape)

Kite Making  My 4th grade students make kites every year and we study the art of Japan and we paint a face on our kites.  

Draw a Bird (Cardinal)

Life Drawing (Bones)

Paper Weaving

Kumihimo Weaving   My 3rd grade does these weavings every year and we learn about art in Japan.  

Loom Weaving (4th - 5th)

Boomerang from Paper  Boomerang making is my area of expertise and it is one of my favorite hobbies.  I have been to one national boomerang competition to compete in throwing and artist design events.  

Plan for Paper Boomerang

Boomerang from Vinyl

Boomerang X Quad

Didgeridoo  I have learned how to play the didgeridoo from an Australian Aboriginal performer.  I have given several concerts at the Oklahoma Mozart Festival in Bartlesville.  

Steampunk Pipes (3rd - 5th)  I enjoy many types of fantasy art and steampunk can be a fun genre for the kids to study.  

Steampunk Pipes (K - 2nd)

Steampunk Goggles
Art Practice Test 1

Art Practice Test 2

Art Practice Test 3

Elements and Principles of Art

Periods in Art History