Kane Elementary School  
Student Art Gallery
Student Work

Price Tower Art Show 2012

Spooky Perspective Oct 2011

Sunset Paintings 2011

Zentangles 2011

Sooner Park Landscapes 8 - 2011

Boomerangs 2011

Kites 2011

Mixed Media Collage Self-Portraits

BAA Summer Camp 2009

Indian Dancers 5th Grade

Boomerangs and Kites 2009


Spooky Dioramas

Assemblage 4th Grade

Hands  5th Grade

BAA Summer Camp 2008

Mat Board Sculptures

5th Grade Hands

Kite Flying May 2008

Boomerang Throwing May 2008

Weavings March 2008

1st Grade Walnut Shell Designs

Ancient Egyptian Work 2007

Shoe Art 2007

Posters for Healthy Schools

Indian Dancers 11 2006

Fish Drawings 1st and 2nd

Castles and Futuristic 3D

Shoe Art Fall 2006

Altered Pop Prints

Indian Dancers 5th Grade

Greek Temples 2nd Grade

Greek Vase Painting 3rd-5th, 2004

Assorted Art 2004

Interior Perspective 2004

Block Printing 11-2004

Degas Two Views in One 2nd

Egyptian Foil Designs 5th

Aluminum Foil Art

Art in Nature 5th Grade

Masks 10-2003

Still Life Painting 9-2003

Didgeridoos 3rd Grade

Shape Faces 1st, 10-2003

Portfolio Name Designs

Super Hero Drawing

Boomerangs - Spring 2003


Bird Pictures with Glue and Art Stix

Pop Art Still Life 3rd - 5th

Pop Art Still Life 1st and 2nd

3rd-5th Winter Landscape

1st and 2nd Winter Landscape

Shoe Drawings

Abstract Portrait Collage

Rainy Day Fall Landscape

City at Night

2nd Grade Pumpkins

1st Grade Clay Animals

3rd - 5th Grade Still Life Paintings

4th and 5th Grade Loom Weaving

Boomerangs - 2002

3rd Grade Pottery

1st and 2nd Grade Clay Animals

Snow Landscape Paintings

Abstract Sculptures

One Point Perspective Rooms

Assorted Art Projects

Haiku Poetry

Surreal Collage

Cubist Portraits

4th Grade Kites

Summer Art Classes

Bartlesville Art Association Classes - 2003

Private Student - Summer 2003

Bartlesville Art Association Drawing Class - 2002

Bartlesville Art Association Painting and Clay Classes - 2002

Westside Community Center Summer Fine Arts - 2002

Private Student - Summer 2002

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