Voyle Graham and His Fantastic Dream Catcher

My Father Voyle Graham is a high school science teacher and he is also an artist. For the last several years he has been exploring his Native American heritage and the idea behind the Indian "Dream Catcher". His latest dream catcher is this fantastic work of art which began with a trip to his brother's island in Canada last summer. The circle is made from the root system of a young cherry tree which was growing in the shallow soil on the rocky island. He makes carvings to hang on the dream catcher as well as using beads, feathers, shells and found objects.

The dream catcher is full of symbolism and each object tells part of the larger story. Some beads represent membes of our family. The fishing lures belonged to my Grandfather.

A ring of Oklahoma Pheasant feathers and the state of Oklahoma.

A great northern pike is carved from cedar.


My father's dream catchers are each a wonderful work of assemblage sculpture.

A group of fish swim out of the center of the dream catcher.

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