Kane Elementary School
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Pet Parade 2013

Christmas Program 2012 - 3rd Grade

Halloween Parade 2012

Halloween Sock Hop

Walk-A-Thon 2012 Morning

Walk -A-Thon 2012 Afternoon

Indian Summer and Dewey Western Days 2012

Art Association 60th Year Celebrations

Pet Parade 2012

Face Painting and Talent Show 2012

4th Grade Program - Mighty Minds

Kane Pics of the Day

Snowflake Program 2nd Grade 2011

Christmas Choir Program 2011

Veterans Day Program 2011

Halloween 2011

Family Arts Festival 2011

Kane Walk-A-Thon 2011

Photo Walk in Pawhuska

Indian Summer 2011

Western Heritage Days - Dewey 2011

High Frontier Rocket Launch 2011

Teachers Back to School

Pet Parade - May 2011

Fun Day - May 2011

Track Meet 2011

Kite Flying 2011

Boomerang Throwing 2011

Jazz - 3rd Grade Program 2011

This Place Matters 2011

Chess Club 12-2010

After School 12-2010

Christmas Program 2010

Fun Outside 12-2010

Veterans Day Program 2010

Balloon Launch for Red Ribbon Week

Halloween 2010

Spring Program 2010

Christmas Program 2009

Veterans Day Program 2009

Recess Pics 11-09

Halloween 2009

Boomerangs and Kites 2009

Pet Parade 2009

Track Meet 2009

Program 3rd Grade March 2009

Christmas Program 2nd Grade - 2008

Veterans Day Program 4th 2008

Halloween 2008

Mr. Graham Summer  Pictures

Pet Parade 2008

Track Day 2008

3rd Grade Program March 2008

Volunteer Luncheon

Achitecture and Sculpture in Bartlesville

Oklahoma Centennial Program 2007

Veterans Day Program 2007

Halloween 2007

More Halloween Pics

Mr Graham the Klingon

Random Pics Fall 2007

Some Pics from Art 10-2007

Halloween 2006

Bike Ride to School

Pathfinder Pics

Halloween 2004

Mr. Graham's Halloween 2004

Mr. Graham at the Boomerang Expo 2003

Mr. Graham's Minnesota trip

Snow in Bartlesville 12/2002

Pajama Day Book Party

Staff Christmas Party 2002

Halloween at Kane 2002

Tulsa State Fair 2002

Some Fun Pics on this Page

Bird Fair 2002

Mr. Graham's Parrots

Mr. Graham's Baby Cockatiels

Pictures from the Zoo and Natural History Museum

Mr. Graham as a Knight

Some Pics of Mrs. Stine's Class 8-02

Pics of Bartlesville at night

Kane staff get together summer 2001

Australian Storytellers 2001-2002 school year

More Australian Storytellers 2001-2002 school year