Australian Kaleidoscope


Aubrey and Martin Beggs are from Long Jetty, New South Wales, Australia. Ngalan represents his people from the Worimi Nation through Aboriginal dance, music, and storytelling. The Beggs Bros Band perform all over the world doing Their Cooee Australia Show. They came to Bartlesville with The Cultural Kaleidoscope program and did a show for our first graders.

Aubrey, Ngalan, and Martin pose in front of the Aboriginal Flag of Australia.

Ngalan tells a warrior story from his people through a "warrior dance".

Aubrey telling a good yarn and singing a song. We learn about Captain Cook and the first European settlers. We love the song "Botany Bay".

We love to hear the didgeridoo, and the stories it can tell. It has been said, "If the earth had a voice, it would be the didgeridoo."

My Didgeridoo Page

Martin says g'day. The G"Day Song is one of our favorites.


Ngalan is a hunter with a "killer stick" in a song called "Sun Arise".

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