Boomerang Expo 2003
October 16-20, 2003, the United States Boomerang Association held the Colorado Boomerangs National Boomerang Expo at George Bush Park in Houston, Texas. The Expo was a jam-packed weekend of competitions, exhibitions, demos, and fun activities open to the public. The goal of an Expo is to increase awareness of boomerangs as something fun for kids of all ages by bringing a world-class boomerang tournament and festival to a different part of the country every year.
You can find more pics from the expo on Bruce's Web Gallery.
Hardwood contest boomerangs. Mine is the one on the lower right. It is made from ash, maple, oak, and walnut.
This is the boomerang I used and caught in Ben Ruhe has a posse.
Stu makes the coolest mini boomerangs.
Noam has a good throw.
Becky learns to play didgeridoo.
Perfect set up for a trick catch.
Boomerang guru Eric Darnell. I got my start in boomerangs with his book and boomerang.
Throwers in the fog.
Richard makes a warm up throw.
Cool painted t-shirts with boomerangs and wanjina figures.
Dave is ready to help with boomerang making. Dave has BVD boomerangs.
Vince works on a boomerang with a palm sander.
Kendall, Dave H, and Rich Harrison (The Boomerang Man), and his wife.
John has rubber bands on his boomerang to help deal with windy conditions.
Kendall loves the morning fog. Check out Master Designs Boomerangs.
Kevin makes cool boomerangs at AirFloat. Ready to rock-n-roll.
Boomerang Master Barnaby Ruhe. See his Portrait Marathon web site.
Betsylew throws a fast boomerang. Take a look at BetWil Boomerangs.
Don is a great guy. Check out his Boomerangs here.
Tony gets us ready to throw.
Boomerang making at the Expo.
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