• Granger Meador, Chair
    Science Dept. Chair, Bartlesville Public Schools

  • Judy Yang-Logan, Secretary

  • Gary Layman, Treasurer
    Bartlesville Mid-High School

  • John Mihm, Founder

  • Kay Bjornen
    Energy Days
    Bartlesville Public Schools

  • Marion Cabler
    Retired Engineer

  • Tom Carlisle
    American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  • Jason Godfrey
    Tri-County Technology Center

  • John Hays
    Energy Days
    American Chemical Society
    Phillips 66

  • Randy Heald
    Bartlesville District Science Fair

  • Becky Hoover
    Energy Days

  • Gary Hoover
    Geophysical Society of Tulsa

  • Paul Meier
    Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers

  • Edna Osborn
    Energy Days

The Education/Career Development Committee (ECDC) is a Bartlesville, Oklahoma area coalition of representatives from professional and technical societies, business, and education. It was founded in 1989 to foster and promote interest in engineering and science. The committee serves as a conduit through which educational information and resources can be passed to the local schools and community. The ECDC promotes inter-society cooperation, which allows member organizations to leverage their resources. The ECDC was incorporated as a "not for profit" organization in the State of Oklahoma in 1993.

The group is a funding mechanism for:

  • Energy Days, a program for area fifth grade students, with volunteers from the professional community providing hands-on experiences about the energy industry
  • Science instruction workshops that bring nationally known presenters to Bartlesville to conduct workshops for area teachers
  • Grants to attend science education conferences for area teachers
  • Educational programs, e.g. helping send the 2007 student robotics team at Tri-County Technology Center to the national competition

Over the years the group has also recruited volunteers to serve as coaches and judges for science fairs, helped link area schools to sources of donated materials, and promoted the education programs of its member societies such as: Engineering Week, the Oklahoma Microscopy Society's "Ugly Bug" contest, National Chemistry Week, various Explorer Posts, the SAE's "A World in Motion", and Phillips Petroleum Company's Green Country Science Teachers Workshop.

The ECDC is chaired by Granger Meador, who also chairs the Science Department at Bartlesville Public Schools. The group's treasurer is Gary Layman, who teaches science at Bartlesville Mid-High. Becky Hoover spearheads the Energy Days program. The ECDC was founded by John Mihm, formerly Senior Vice President of Technology and Project Development at Phillips Petroleum Company. Today the group is sponsored by Merl Lindstrom, General Manager of Research & Development and Shared Services at the Bartlesville Technology Center, who secures major funding from ConocoPhillips. Past ECDC chairs include: R. Bruce Eldridge, Lori Hasselbring, Deborah Hess, Judy Kokesh, and Becky Hoover.

Website by Granger Meador, ECDC Chair