These are physics-related web links for students at Bartlesville High School and the public at large.

Links I Use in Class

Unit Conversions

One easy way to make conversions is by using Google. In its standard search box, type the quantity you have with its units, then the word in and the units you desire. For example, 2.5 miles in meters will yield the result "2.5 miles = 4 023.36 meters". You can also type things like the speed of light and get its value, sqrt(2) to get the square root of 2, 5*sin(30 degrees) to multiply 5 by the sine of 30 degrees, etc.

The website can also help you make unit conversions.

Night Lecture Applets

General Physics Java Applets from B. Surendranath Reddy are very well designed and address a wide variety of topics. I use several of them in my 4th Quarter AP Physics B night lectures.

Space & Astronomy

Satellite Tracking

J-Track 3D

Unit 11 Applets

Astronomy Java Applets by Rob Scharein; I use several of these applets in Unit 11: Gravity and the Solar System.



Astronomical Images

Astromeeting has beautiful images of both astronomical and atmospheric objects.

Animated Physics Lessons

HippoCampus offers dozens of online physics lessons with video, animation, interactive problems, and narration.


Several physics teachers have collaborated on APlusPhysics, a collection of web tutorials covering entire physics curricula, video mini-lessons, discussion and homework help forums, educator activities and projects, interactive quizzes, etc.

Bad Movie Physics

Hollywood loves to violate the laws of physics. See how various films defy nature at the Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics site.

How Things Work

Physics Professor Louis Bloomfield of the University of Virginia has a neat website on How Everything Works where he answers submitted questions.

Newton's Laws of Motion: Automobiles

The Auto Insurance Center has a collection of links about Newton's Laws of Motion applied to automobiles.

Saturday Morning Physics

The University of Michigan has held lectures designed for the public on Saturday mornings since 1995. You can view the online videos and download the Powerpoints for many of the lectures, or subscribe to their podcast via iTunes.

Modern Physics

Physics of Sound Resource Guide

The Physics of Sound Resource Guide has oodles of great links on the physics of sound.
Link courtesy of Ryan, student of Ms. Julie Elan

The Physics of Racing

The Physics of Racing goes into great detail on this subject.


PhysicsWeb has global physics news and info.

Perpetual Motion

Annotated history of perpetual motion
Link courtesy of students of Ms. Arden Doern


Deceiving Art: A Guide to Stereograms
Link courtesy of students of Kelly in Compton, CA

Teaching Resources