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Greenhouse Virtual Tour


Before he moved to a new lab, students always wanted to visit the old greenhouse that sat atop Mr. Meador's old physics lab. But the old greenhouse has not operated for several decades. Its heating mechanism no longer works, its windows are inoperable, and the stairway to it is crumbling. So this virtual tour must suffice. The last time it was used as a greenhouse was in the 1970s when Homecoming Mums were grown in it.

Entering the Greenhouse

This large movie will take some time to download before playback will begin.

The stairway to the greenhouse is off of the top floor of the annex, behind two doors. The movie takes you through a corridor doorway, up a few steps through the greenhouse stairway door, and up the crumbling stairway into the greenhouse.

PixAround View from the Greenhouse

You can click and drag the image to look around the room, or click the gray buttons to zoom, spin, change the viewing mode, etc.

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