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Inquiry Physics Curriculum

This course is an in-depth study, centered in lab experience, of the physical world. Central themes are the properties and interrelationships of matter and energy. Topics include: motion in a straight line, graphical analysis of motion, vectors, falling objects, projectile motion, Newton's Laws, friction, circular motion, universal gravitation, work and energy, static electricity, electrical circuits, magnetism, and electromagnetism. Students with poor algebra skills should not attempt this course.

Grade Level:


  1. One or more units of science
  2. Recommend a 'B' or better in Algebra I

This courses utilizes components of Granger Meador's
Inquiry Physics: A Modified Learning Cycle Curriculum
  • Curriculum
    403 kB Adobe Reader file includes Map, Objectives, Teaching Resources & Strategies, Process Skills Checklist, & Core Lab Summaries
  • Textbook
  • BHS Physics Website