District Archives

These are the available online archives, as gathered and maintained by Granger Meador, the Executive Director of Technology and Communications.

Please note that the district does not preserve class or portrait photographs, although some are preserved in yearbooks that were available for individual purchase at the time their subjects attended the schools in question.

There is a physical collection of high school yearbooks and other materials in the Alumni Room of Bartlesville High School's library for grades 10-12 at 1700 SE Hillcrest Drive.

  • Administrators is a spreadsheet of district and site administrators through time, with various links.

  • Audits are the annual audits of district finances since 2008-2009.

  • Bond Issues are progress reports and preserved campaign information since 2012.

  • Budgets are the annual district budgets since 2009-2010.

  • History has basic information and facility photographs for both current and past school facilities.

  • Photographs are from the Community Relations office and includes scans of vintage photos. Over 13,000 photos have been scanned thus far, with thousands more to come. Use this link to search the filenames and file descriptions.

  • Publications includes the available editions of district newsletters from 1978 to 2018.

    • To search for more recent news items, click the magnifying glass icon at the upper right of the district website.

    • You can also search the preserved former district website which was in use from 2012-2020.

  • Retired Websites are the preserved former district and individual school websites which were in use from 2012-2020.

  • School Board Minutes have been preserved digitally since 2008.

  • School Report Cards are state-level reports on the district and its schools, including State Profiles from the State Education Oversight Board's Office of Accountability and A-F report cards issued by the State Department of Education.

  • Videos are from personal files and the Community Relations office.