Employment & Personnel

Certified Personnel Information

The Bartlesville Education Association (BEA) represents certified non-administrative employees of the Bartlesville Public Schools.

Classified Personnel Information

The Bartlesville Education Classified Personnel Organization (BECPO) represents classified employees of the Bartlesville Public Schools.

Administrative Personnel Information

General Employee Information

Personnel Office

Dr. Stephanie Curtis

Dr. Stephanie Curtis

Executive Director of Personnel & School Support
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3528

Vicki Howell

Ms. Vicki Howell

Executive Director's Assistant
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3527

Angie Niko

Ms. Angie Niko

Director of Personnel and Payroll
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3514

Michelle Malaske

Ms. Michelle Malaske

Certified & Non-Contracted Pay, Benefits, Leave; Certified Contracts
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3519

Jamia Mills

Ms. Jamia Mills

Classified Pay, Benefits, Contracts, Leave
(918) 336-8600 ext. 3518