District Superintendents

Lynn Glover, 1905-1908

Lynn Glover


The district began in 1899 with a principal and two teachers. Mr. Glover became the principal in 1903 when there were twenty teachers. By 1908, there were 60 teachers and 1,800 students. A Lynn Glover was later a professor at Southwestern State Normal School in Weatherford, and in 1915-1917 a Lynn Glover was president of the Oklahoma School of Mines in Wilburton.

E.G. Alexander, 1908-1909

E.G. Alexander


In 1908, Bartlesville was one of 116 school districts in Washington County.

J.F.  Treasure, 1909-1912

J.F. Treasure


In 1909, Bartlesville had a population of approximately 10,000. That year the district had 60 teachers, 10 high school graduates, and Mr. Treasure earned $1,800 per year.

F.W. Wenner, 1912-1921

Frank W. Wenner


Originally from Ohio, he held secondary administration positions in Ohio and Maryland, moving to Perry, Oklahoma in 1907. He died in 1940.

Gilbert B. Clift, 1922-1926

Gilbert B. Clift


Mr. Clift is known to have been the high school principal in 1919. He found the superintendent's job to be too political and left education. He opened a furniture store in Winfield, Kansas during the Great Depression. By 1940, he was in Stillwater. He died in 1986.

Charles O. Haskell, 1926-1935

Charles O. Haskell


Mr. Haskell was born in Nebraska and married in Ohio. He left Bartlesville to become an instructor in the education department at Emporia State University for 15 years, dying in 1950.

Herbert E. Wrinkle, 1935-1940

Herbert E. Wrinkle


Mr. Wrinkle had been the superintendent in Welch, Comanche, Healton, and Duncan. After his time in Bartlesville, he was the superintendent in Oklahoma City. He was later a professor at the University of Oklahoma, and died in 1954.

Merle W. Glasgow, 1940-1947

Merle W. Glasgow


Dr. Glasgow was the Central Junior High principal from 1936-1940. Dr. Glasgow left in 1947 for Edmond, where he was superintendent until 1955, later becoming the director of educational television for the State Dept. of Education. He died in 1969.

George M. Roberts, 1947-1964

George M. Roberts


Mr. Roberts had been the superintendent of Norman Public Schools from 1940 to 1944 before coming to Bartlesville as Central High School principal as a year, then serving as College High principal for a year. He oversaw the district throughout the Baby Boom, when enrollment tripled to almost 9,000 students, with seven new schools and three annexed schools. Mr. Roberts became the Associate Superintendent in 1964 and died in 1967. He is tied with Gary Quinn for the longest tenure as BPS superintendent, and the library at the Education Service Center is named for him.

Earl Hamon, 1964-1975

Earl Hamon


Mr. Hamon came to Bartlesville in 1954 from Newkirk, OK as the associate superintendent. Mr. Hamon retired in 1975 and died in 1990.

Wayne Richardson, 1974-1979

Wayne Richardson


Dr. Richardson came to Bartlesville in 1951 and taught fourth and sixth grades at Jefferson Elementary School. He was the principal of Will Rogers Elementary School from 1955-1964, the curriculum coordinator of elementary education from 1964-1967, and assistant superintendent from 1967-1975. He resigned as superintendent in 1979 to return to the classroom at Hoover Elementary, teaching fifth grade there until his retirement in 1985. He died in 2001.

Dan Neuenswander, 1979-1984

Dan Neuenswander


Dr. Neuenswander had been the superintendent in Ottawa, KS from 1973-1979. He oversaw the consolidation of Sooner and College Highs and various elementary schools. He resigned in 1984 to become the superintendent in Lawrence, KS until 1992.

Gary Toothaker, 1984-1991

Gary Toothaker


Dr. Toothaker had been the superintendent in Gallipolis, OH from 1979-1984. He resigned in 1991 to become the superintendent in Helena, MT and later Mukilteo, WA.

Bill Beierschmitt, 1991-1992, 1995-1999

Bill Beierschmitt

1991-1992, 1995-1999

Mr. Beierschmitt taught business classes and coached in Dewey and then at Sooner High School. He was the assistant principal at Madison Junior High and then assistant principal and later principal at Sooner, as well as principal at Bartlesville Mid-High. He served as the associate superintendent for seven years. He left the district in 1999 to work for Oklahoma CareerTech, and he later was provost and chief operating officer for the Bartlesville campus of Rogers State University.

John Scroggins, 1992-1995

John Scroggins


Dr. Scroggins had been a teacher and principal in Midwest City-Del City and principal in Union Schools in Tulsa. He resigned in 1995 and later became director of operations at Literacy First and director of school partnerships at Catapult Learning.

Gary Quinn, 1999-2016

Gary Quinn


Over a 39-year career Dr. Quinn served as a teacher, coach, college assistant professor and assistant dean, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. Before coming to Bartlesville, he was an assistant superintendent and then superintendent in Neosho, MO from 1996-1999. During his tenure, three large bond issues funded the renovation and expansion of the high school, construction of early childhood centers, and consolidation of grades 9-12. He is tied with George M. Roberts as the longest-serving Bartlesville superintendent.

Chuck McCauley, 2016-

Chuck McCauley


Mr. McCauley served as an assistant principal at Bartlesville High School from 2001-2005, its principal from 2005-2008, and then as district personnel director from 2008-2014 and the director of secondary instruction from 2015-2016. In 2018, the district was a leader in developing and supporting the passage of the largest teacher pay raise and state school funding increase in state history. In 2020, he received the Medal for Excellence in Elementary/Secondary Administration from the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence. He led the district through the three-year COVID-19 pandemic that began in March 2020.