Chromebooks Help

The district has a Chromebook for every student. The low-cost mobile computing devices provide students filtered internet access for use with a variety of online services as well as document creation, collaboration, and submission.

Middle & High Schools

The district issues a Chromebook to all middle and high school students, except for a few specialized programs. Students are required to use the district-provided Chromebook with the Canvas Learning Management System and the Respondus LockDown Browser for secure quizzes, with students using Clever to access various online services.

As part of the enrollment process, new students and their parents complete a ECA-R form, are given the BPSD Chromebook Guidelines, and complete a Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement.

Site financial secretaries can assist you in either purchasing the annual insurance or opting out and thus assuming the obligation of all repair and replacement costs due to damage or loss.

See Connected Bruins regarding home internet services.

Elementary Schools

There is a Chromebook cart in every classroom. Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd-Grade classes have touchscreen devices while upper grades rely on the device's trackpad.

Students use the district-provided Chromebook with Google Classroom and use Clever to access a variety of online services, including Seesaw for Pre-Kindergarten through second grade.

A device is checked out for full-time virtual students and may be issued for mandated Distance Learning periods if parents:

There is no insurance program for elementary devices since they are not routinely transported back-and-forth between school and home. Parents are responsible for damage or loss, but are not liable for defects or normal wear and costs are minimized with repairs handled by the Student Technology Support Team at the high school.

See Connected Bruins regarding home internet services.

Parents' FAQ

  • What if the Chromebook gets damaged or stolen or malfunctions?

    If you can’t resolve the problem with a Chromebook or it is damaged or stolen:

    BHS students: Visit the Student Technology Support Team classroom, which is room 132 in the annex to the east of the 10-12 Library. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved by Ms. Meador or her students, a loaner device will be issued. When the Student Technology Support Team classroom is closed, please proceed to the 10-12 Library to seek assistance from librarian Kim Lashbrook.

    Middle & elementary school students: Visit the school library. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved, the device will be sent off for servicing and a fresh device will be issued.

    Repairs: Parents are responsible for damage or loss, except for any applicable insurance coverage for middle and high school students. Parents are not held responsible for defects covered by a manufacturer's warranty or batteries that are beyond their useful life.

  • Is there a web filter on the Chromebook?

    Yes; see the Internet filter page for details.

  • Can my child bring a family-owned Chromebook or laptop to school?

    No. The district requires that the district-supplied Chromebook be what is used at school. Only district-supplied Chromebooks have the required LockDown Browser for secure assessments and other necessary applications. Also, the use of consistent devices reduces distractions for teachers, minimizes support issues, and helps ensure students have a quality educational experience.

  • What if we don’t have Wi-Fi internet at home?

    Having internet service via WiFi will greatly enhance the usefulness of the device outside of school. There are free plans for qualified homes. Several community organizations offer students on-site internet access, including the Westside Community Center, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Bartlesville Public Library. Families who cannot arrange for home internet service can be issued a cellular hotspot via the district's Connected Bruins program.

    Students who will be offline should follow these instructions and download assignments using Google Docs/Sheets/Slides in advance while at school, setting them to be available for offline editing later; they can be uploaded when the student returns to school.

  • I still have questions. Who can I contact?

    Please contact Granger Meador, the Exec. Dir. of Technology & Communications, at