Family Support & Volunteers

We encourage volunteering in our schools and we would love to have you join our team. A BPS Volunteer could be a:

  • Crossing Guard at an elementary school

  • Mentor

  • Tutor

  • State test proctor

A BPS Volunteer must:

  • Complete safety training and agree to abide by the district's COVID-19 safety protocols

  • Be of good moral character and pass a background investigation

  • Be of legal age

  • Complete a Volunteer Inquiry Record - see link below

  • Complete and sign the Authorization for Background Checks - see link below

  • Complete and sign the Consumer Disclosure - see link below

  • Be under the supervision of a staff member

  • Receive orientation to the school and/or assigned duties

  • Be available to volunteer during school hours when school is in session

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the forms shown below or attached at the bottom of this webpage and return them to Amy Lawrence at Bartlesville High School. 

Please call Amy Lawrence at (918) 336-8600 ext. 3506 for more information.

Monica Reynolds

Monica Reynolds

Bilingual Family Support Coordinator for Title I Schools

918-336-3311 ext. 1189

Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence

Volunteer Contact

918-336-8600 ext. 3506

Family support and community involvement are the keys to school success.

Education is collaboration among students, parents, school, and community. Family Support enables all students, regardless of individual differences, to acquire the academic, personal/social, and workforce readiness competencies necessary to become successful adults.

Family Support works to:

  • help increase student attendance

  • resolve truancy issues

  • coordinate educational parental involvement activities

  • help build community partners

  • recruit volunteers

  • assist families with resources

Ways to give family support:

  • packs of size 4-6 girl and boy underwear

  • packs of boy and girl socks

  • head lice shampoo

  • notebook paper

  • crayons

  • glue sticks

  • pencils

  • notebooks