Proficiency Testing

8th Grade Reading Proficiency Test

In accordance with Oklahoma law and SDE regulations, BPS offers an alternative 8th grade reading test a minimum of four times per year, as shown on the registration form linked below. This test is available to all public school, private school and home schooled children who have not taken, or did not pass the Oklahoma Core Curriculum eighth grade reading test with a score at or above an eighth grade level. For more information on this subject, contact the BPS district testing coordinator, Amy Lawrence, at 918-336-8600.

You can email completed forms to Amy Lawrence at the Education Service Center at

The email button on the form does not work in some web browsers, but may work if you download the form to your computer and open that downloaded file in Adobe Reader.

Summer Proficiency Tests

Each summer, students have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in one or more areas of the core curriculum:

  • Social Studies

  • Language Arts

  • The Arts

  • Languages

  • Mathematics

  • Science

For more information on this subject, contact the school counselor at your school site.

Masks Required

DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, all students are REQUIRED to wear a mask while at the testing center. Parents are required to sign the registration form (electronic signatures accepted) acknowledging this safety requirement. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.