Wayside Addition

The new addition at Wayside Elementary School continues to progress. The above photo shows the connecting link from the southwest end of the new addition leading to the older areas of the building.

Work on the retaining wall northwest of the addition continues.

Retaining Wall

The interior ceiling grid has been dropped in most of the new classrooms and corridors. Below is the interior of the southwestern connecting link.

Connecting Link

Flooring is scheduled to start this week, shelving is being installed in closets, and boxes are being distributed to teachers so they can start preparing for moving classrooms at the end of the academic year.


The new addition will have five Pre-Kindergarten and five Kindergarten classrooms. An advantage over the classrooms in the two existing Early Childhood pods is that the new Early Childhood rooms will each have a dedicated restroom. Those new classrooms are also built as a whole-school storm refuge with metal storm window doors.


In addition to the dedicated classroom restrooms, multi-stall restrooms are being added at both ends of the building to serve new art and music rooms and existing classrooms. Plumbing fixtures are now being installed.

Over the summer the two existing Early Childhood pods will be remodeled into a new and larger library and additional office space. The current library will be remodeled into two classrooms, and the cafeteria dining area will be enlarged.

When the project is complete in August 2024, the building will have space for five classrooms for each grade level from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.