ISEF 2020 Qualifiers

Bartlesville students earned 13 category awards, 15 special awards, and 11 college scholarships at the Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair in late March, with three students qualifying for the International Science and Engineering Fair. Over 30 students from the Bartlesville Public Schools qualified at the district science fair in February to compete at the state competition, which was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The students collectively earned four 1st place, five 2nd place, and four 3rd place category awards, 15 special awards, and 11 college scholarships at the state event.

Caleb Cochran, Bryce Goodin, and Colton McCullough were selected at the state fair to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair. They joined fellow students Kate Boudreaux, Michael Brockman, and Liam Wisner, whose projects were selected in February at the Bartlesville District Science Fair for the international fair, in qualifying for the international competition which also went virtual and was held online.

State Science Fair Winners

State Fair Division I (Grades 10-12)

  • Bryce Goodin, Colton McCullough & Caleb Cochran, "Conserving Water through the Filtration and Recyclation of Greywater in a Domestic System", 1st in Senior Engineering, selected for International Science and Engineering Fair, EPA Award, US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award

  • Michael Brockman, "Purifying Water with Artificial Intelligence", 1st in Senior Mathematics and Computer Science, EPA Award, US Agency for International Development Award

  • Morgan King, "Quantifying the Ratio of Particles Produced by Cosmic Rays and Nuclear Decay Events", 2nd in Senior Earth & Environmental Science & Natural Resources, American Meteorological Society Award

  • Daniela Ferguson, "Scanning the Past: Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for Unmarked Graves Comparing Imaging Signatures", 2nd in Physics & Astronomy, EPA Award

  • Evan Gunter, "The Effect of Synthetic Rubber Hardness on Tire Durability and Traction", 3rd in Physics & Astronomy, Office of Naval Research/US Navy/US Marine Corps Award, Oklahoma Science Teacher Association Award

  • Elise Argo & Madison Heckelsberg, "Swabs vs Stickers", 3rd in Senior Medical and Health Science

  • Morgan Sanders, "Are You POSITIVE That's Clean?", 3rd in Senior Microbiology & Biochemistry

  • Ashley Ramsey & Tanner Benbrook, "A Gyre Situation", EPA Award

State Fair Division II (Grades 7-9)

  • Kate Boudreaux, "Pinned in Fire: Effects That Thermal Processing Has on the Working Properties of a Steel Bobby Pin", 2nd in Junior Engineering

  • Isabella Cavaceci, "Sight Reading Difficulties", 2nd in Junior Behavioral & Social Science

  • Zoe Thompson, "A Study of Peripheral Vision: Light eyes vs. Dark eyes", 2nd in Junior Medical and Health Science

  • Catherine Sheffield, "Determining the Best Medicine for Pseudomonas Infected Skin Without Hypersensitivity", 3rd in Junior Medical and Health Science

  • Joyce Yang, "Water Conservation in Soil", EPA Award