Bartlesville Public Schools has received a grant from Phillips 66 for school safety improvements including safety window film for key areas at several schools, exterior safety lighting, storm shutters, and to support various programs.

Bartlesville Public Schools prioritizes safety. The district’s Director of Health and Safety worked with its facilities director to identify and prioritize several safety-related improvements. The window film for critical areas was recommended in the BPS Safe Schools 101 Audits. The film is designed to hold broken glass in place and prevent flying shards of glass from harming staff and students and damaging property. The film will be placed on certain exterior doors and windows at all nine school sites. 

In an effort to improve visibility and parking lot safety, one or two additional lights will be added at eight schools. 

The Phillips 66 Innovation Lab at Bartlesville High School is partially below ground with two large deep windows. The use of the facility as a tornado refuge area will be enhanced by installing hurricane-grade storm shutters on these windows to protect against severe winds.

Phillips 66 has also continued its long-standing annual support for various programs across the district, including Elementary Summer School, Algebra Academy for middle school, After Prom, Project Graduation, and the BHS Journalism Department. ConocoPhillips has likewise long supported those programs with a similar donation.