Suzanne Mattke is Arvest Patriot Teacher of the Month

Suzanne Mattke, a teacher at Central Middle School, has been named a Bartlesville Public School District Teacher of the Month by Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group.

In recognition of this honor, Ms. Suzanne Mattke was given a plaque and a $300 check by Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group.

Ms. Mattke, a sixth grade language arts teacher at Central Middle School, has 24 years of teaching experience all for Bartlesville Public Schools. From the time she was a little girl, she wanted to teach. Influenced by her parents and favorite teachers, Ms. Mattke wanted to share that feeling with others. 

As a teacher, Ms. Mattke chooses to inspire, communicate, expect high standards, see each student and accept them as unique individuals, and to admit to her faults. Her greatest professional accomplishment and contribution to education was when she passed the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification process in January 2007, because it made her reflect on what, why, and how she impacts student learning.

“I know my kids know I love them and accept them unconditionally,” said Mattke. “They know I am their teacher, and I am always there to cheer them on to success. I go to their choir concerts, their orchestra and band concerts, their basketball games, their football games, their dance recitals, their volleyball games, and I let them know they matter to me beyond the walls of our school.”

Bartlesville Public Schools is proud to join Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group in honoring Suzanne Mattke as the Bartlesville Teacher of the Month.