Beckley to help lead Bartlesville High School

At its March meeting, the Bartlesville Board of Education will consider designating Marci Beckley as one of the Assistant Principals of Bartlesville High School, filling the position that Michael Harp will vacate when he ascends to the principalship in July.

Beckley is the current guidance counselor for the Bartlesville High School upperclassmen. She moved to Bartlesville from Butler, Missouri where she began her career as a Title I Parent Coordinator in 2004. During her years in Butler, she also served as a Jr./Sr. High Special Education teacher and third grade teacher before transitioning to administration. In 2009, Beckley transitioned to the role of Director of Special Services where she stayed for six years before moving to Assistant High School Principal from 2014 to 2017 and then High School Principal from 2017 to 2021.

Marci Beckley and her husband, Dan, have three children: Jacob Beckley, ConocoPhillips, and his wife Jaylee, first grade teacher at Ranch Heights Elementary; Alicen Beckley, senior at Missouri State University; Andrew Beckley, freshman at Kansas State University.