Eva Sigler & Satine Thomas with project

In June, Eva Sigler & Satine Thomas presented their project, How Efficient is Bartlesville's Filtration System?, at the national competition of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Their project was selected at the Bartlesville District Science Fair to compete in the state competition, where it was selected to advance to nationals.

The national competition was held at the Colorado School of Mines. The Oklahoma Water Environment Association paid for the flights, ground transportation, housing, and meals. Eva & Satine learned more about global water issues and toured campus labs and the Golden, Colorado drinking water facility.  Eva called the overall experience of competing with students from across the nation humbling, and she and Satine were inspired to keep researching water issues.

Bartlesville has a long history in this competition, with Bruin Stephen Tinnin's project selected as the North American nominee in 1997.