Bartlesville High School to offer Osage Language course this fall

This fall, Bartlesville High School will be offering a new Osage Language course to its students where they will be taught a foundation in the Osage orthography, grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Speaking and listening comprehension, as well as reading and writing skills, are the main goals of the course.

Osage culture and history will be studied to give a broader perspective on how the language developed over time. Students will be able to read and pronounce Osage vocabulary using the Osage orthography. Students will be able to comprehend Osage language while listening and reading and will be able to respond using Osage language, using both verbal and writing skills. Students will study Osage culture, traditions, and history, and compare the culture and traditions of the past to those of today.

Teaching the course is Corey Maker, a member of the Osage Nation. Corey grew up and lives on the Osage Reservation where he attended various cultural celebrations and events as a child. While in college for social studies teacher education, Corey interned with the Osage Nation Language Department and was given the task to learn as much language as possible under the mentorship of Mrs. Janis Carpenter, who is one of the leaders and a master teacher for the Osage Language Department. This gave Corey opportunities to observe and teach Osage Language at three different high schools on the reservation in Skiatook, Hominy, and Pawhuska.