Virtual Learning

On Friday, September 30, Bartlesville Public Schools will have a scheduled District Collaboration/Virtual Learning day. 

Elementary students will be issued Chromebooks and secondary students will use their usual Chromebooks for family-supported learning to be done at each student’s own pace that day. Completion of online tasks before Monday, or submittal of any paper assignments on Monday, will be used for student attendance on the District Collaboration/Virtual Learning day. 

Teachers will be on-campus on Friday for collaboration. The tightly structured typical school day makes it challenging for teachers to plan and work together by grade level and subject area on a regular basis. Teachers need time to analyze the curriculum, select effective instructional strategies, and plan activities that engage students. They also need time to analyze student work and determine if students are making progress and providing intervention when needed. 

The academic calendar includes scheduled District Collaboration/Virtual Learning days to provide teachers common planning times with colleagues to collaborate on lesson plans, including analyzing student assessment results to improve our curricula. They also provide teachers opportunities to share ideas and resources across grade levels and buildings to improve learning across each school and the district.

The district Calendar Committee and Professional Improvement Committee will be meeting in October to consider the results of a stakeholder survey regarding District Collaboration/Virtual Learning days. For now, additional such days are still scheduled for December 2, February 17, and April 28.