Teacher Award Nominations

The Kurt Schmoldt Teacher Appreciation Award is a cash award presented annually to a full-time Bartlesville Public School District teacher, coach or counselor who exemplifies the dynamic qualities of an outstanding educator and citizen. This award is not for the “best teacher,” but for one who exemplifies the finest in the profession.

Teachers honored with a Kurt Schmoldt Teacher Appreciation Award nomination should:

  • Communicate effectively with students, parents, administrators and other teachers. 

  • Engage students in creative and imaginative learning activities.

  • Inspire students to do their best and try harder when they fail.

  • Reach-out to students of all backgrounds and abilities to help them to succeed. 

Who Can Make a Nomination? Anyone whose life has been touched by a Bartlesville teacher, coach or counselor:

  • Current or former students

  • Parents

  • Community members

  • Fellow teachers

  • School administrators 

Why Make a Nomination?

  • To honor a teacher who helped you succeed.

  • To thank a counselor for helping you learn how to learn.

  • To show appreciation to a coach for helping your child gain self-confidence.

  • To thank a peer for taking time to mentor and help you grow.

  • To recognize a teacher for their caring, positive attitude. 

Previous Recipients

Nominations are due by February 22, 2023 via this ONLINE FORM